Exploration  EXposition    P         L         O         S         I         T         I         O         N



















Explosition brings together two extremes: the dark, humid and rough cave environment where cavers engage in physical effort and climbing, and the abstract dreamworld of visual arts. The search for the transcendental aspects of substance and stratification, color and space, and the search of the physically unattainable find one another in the same place. Physical effort changes the observation and the almost abstract representations of reality cast an astonishing light onto the dark space.

Explosition is a pictorial track evolving through corridors, over ropes, over and under boulders, walking, crawling, clambering and hanging. It reinvents the concept of space. The works of art challenge their surroundings. Sometimes hard to locate, hidden behind rock formations, sometimes clearly visible in large underground chambers, sometimes subtly lit, sometimes invisible without the lighting of the visitor.

Explosition invites you to an extremely intense experience, whether you are a caver or an adventurous newcomer. Cavers will independently find their way through the underground maze with the help of minimal indications, subtle lights and by following ropes. Non-cavers will be guided by experienced cavers. For cavers, Explosition will put the caving experience in a whole new light and create a connection with the seemingly unrelated world of the arts. For non-cavers it will be a whole new experience of another level. A first caving trip is different for everyone, but it is always an experience you never forget. Physical effort and excitement change perception. The presence of art forms will serve as elements of surprise but also as points of recognition in an otherwise unusual environment.

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